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3D Girls and Pin Up Models.

Pin Up girls saw their heyday during World War II, when soldiers and sailors would put up pictures of the sexy ladies over their bunks. More recently, Pin Up Art has seen a revival through digital art and 3D model, such as DAZ Productions' Victoria series. The artists have replaced their pens with 3D computer graphics software, and created modern-day pin-ups from the Vintage Pin-Up Girls free 3d models.

During World War II, soldiers and sailors loved to look at their glamorous pin up models, which featured women posing in eye-pleasing, sexy positions. The phrase "pin up" originated in the 1940s. Usually, pin up girls wore revealing clothes and sultry looks on their faces; their images would adorn magazines, post cards, and even the noses of military aircraft. Pin ups are idealized representations of what a man wants a beautiful woman to look like.

Producers like DAZ Productions, with the Victoria series, have given pin up art a fresh new feel in Digital 3D model. 3D computer graphics frees the artist from their pens and easels, and brings the vintage pin up into the modern world. Graphic artists no longer need drawing or painting skills to bring pin ups to life. All that digital artists require, with the assistance of computer graphics software, is a basic understanding of composition, posing and lighting. Programs like Poser, Vue Infinite and DAZ Studio can be used to create 3D Human Models in a virtual scene with props. This digital composition brings Virtual Girls to life with Pin Up Art spirit. A little polishing with some graphics software brings it all together. Classic Vintage Pin-ups join the 21st centure using these radical techniques.

The art of the pin up isn't dead; it's just been democratized! This new way allows everyone to digitally create their own pin-up girls. Sub-divided polygonal architecture and a gorgeous skin texture bring your pin-up girl alive with a feminine feel. You can make sublime works of art that will shine with sensuality and beauty. At last, with 3D Pin-Up Girls (free 3d models), we have a modern answer to the Pin Up girls of the past.

illusion mage

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  1. Alexia L says:

    where can i get free daz 3d models, clothes and poses?

  2. Andrew W says:

    daz studio 3d models?
    I have daz studio but it came with one 3d model. does anybody know were I can get some free ones that will work with daz media

  3. jAIME oRTIZ M says:

    where i can download all models but free?
    DAZ 3D , i don’t have money to buying the models,but I REALY WANT the model pleasssss ( i have all free things) but the pay things i m looking

  4. Ivvik says:

    Are there any good free 3D Modeling Programs?
    I’m an artist and I’ve grown tired of trying to find couples or people to pose for me. I want to get a 3D Modeling Program that I can make characters pose however I want. I’ve tried Daz, and it didn’t work out so well with me. I would like a free one since I have no money or job.

    Thank you in advance.

  5. homerisfat47 says:

    links to free ww2 models?
    i am looking for guns and clothing for either poser or daz 3d studio (characters: m3,m4,v4) and remember free and decent polly count.
    i don’t know if this is the right catagory

    • MEGALOMAN says:

      turbosquid has a few. The rest cost like 30 bucks on average. I think google’s pages for Sketchup also have a few as well.

  6. OKAL says:

    Where can I get really good DAZ Studio content/models for free?
    I’m trying to get into 3D graphics as a hobby and want to start out using DAZ. Do you know of any sites that offer various content (models, facial expressions, skins, clothes, sets, props) for free? The actual daz3d site is limited in free content and I want a wide variety.

    No, I’m not willing to pay ANY money so don’t lecture me.

    Thanks ;)

    • Kain says:

      Renderosity is the online art community for 2D and 3D digital artists, animators , and photographers. It has free membership and tons of free content posted by its community members. There is everything from free models, textures, props, backgrounds, clothes and poses in the free section. Its a good resource for Poser and Daz Studio users.
      There are also large online community forums in the various softwares used for 3d modeling, texturing and animating. You can find answers and assistance there as well as additional resources.

      Turbosquid is another place that has a lot of free content. Most of the models are not made spedcifically for Poser and Daz Studio so some of them may not be rigged for animation or even textured but they do have a lot of free models. If you find a free model you like you can rig and texture it yourself if its not already done.

      And lastly you can make your own models using free software.

  7. AliceAnn says:

    Looking for a free 3D program?
    I’m looking for more or less a 3D character editor/creator. I have already tried DAZ3D and /hated it/ the same goes for Poser. Miku Miku Dance requires a lot of headache to make even a simple modification to a single model, and 3D custom girl is very limited. Is there any kind of 3D program that is of the nature of DAZ/Poser without the over complicated nature of the program. I’m just looking for something of a decent quality, somewhat easy to use, and too the point.
    I’ve tried blender, and never was able to use it, so blender is out as well.
    The same goes for Maya, I need an easier to use program.

  8. Jos h2o says:

    Is there a free 3D modeler? If so, what’s the best one(s)?
    I’m looking to take up 3D texturing and modeling, and I’ve never felt like dishing out a couple hundred bucks for something that there’s probably a basic, free-to-use alternative to(like Photoshop versus the GIMP or Paint.NET).
    I’ve tried the free DAZ Studio, and I might try it again, but I had some issues doing much of anything with it.
    Preferably, I’d like to make scenery(I’ve tried Bryce, too) and buildings and such with it, maybe some creatures and weapons and the like(moreover, things like what you might find in a video game).
    Any help would be fantastic.

  9. Luna says:

    Why won’t my DAZ Studio model work?
    I downloaded DAZ Studio 3D because they offered it free(etc etc).
    So i’m having problems loading the Victoria 4 model…

    I click people>victoria 4>LOD>and then where the model should be, alittle box is there that says “Add levels of detail”. I double click it and a box pops up that says “this action requires an item within the scene to be selected”
    How do i get this 2 work???

    Extra info:
    I installed the program on safe mode for some reasons and at the end it said something about my installing DAZ on safemode…

  10. fallibledragon says:

    It used to be freeware, looks like they’re offering the new version free for a while so old users don’t get too annoyed that they’re planning to charge for it in future.

    Better off getting and learning blender, perhaps, which is guaranteed to be free forever, because it’s licensed that way.

    p.s.: The name is DAZ Studio; DAZ 3D is the company.

  11. Flarepaw says:

    Can Google sketchup modify .cr2 files?
    I want to modify a .cr2 file and play around with it do get an idea on modeling. I use Daz 3d, but that isn’t useful for meshing (unless I’m blind and there is a meshing tool), and I wanted to find a program that isn’t expensive, maybe free, but not cruddy for meshing. I don’t know what program can open/edit them (it is a source file, so no copyrights). I bet Blender could but blender is too advanced for me, and I don’t have the money for Carrara/Maya/3ds Max and such. I hope I’m not too inexperienced that I made 500 different questions in one.
    I feel dumb now, thanks Turner, you’re getting the best answer.

    • thehatter says:

      Don’t know but if you go onto google and click more and then even more and you click sketch up there will be a help area where you can get an answer to that question

  12. jimbad05 says:

    Are there any easy, free 3D modeling programs for amateurs?
    I’m an amateur interested in fooling around with making some 3D scenes. I’ve downloaded Daz, but I think I screwed up my directories and it won’t work. Are there any other similar programs?


  13. Sean G says:

    Has anone heard of daz 3d?

    Does anyone know if it’s any good. I’ve installed it but i havn’t tried it yet. And you have to tell people about in there terms of service, but asif there going to know.

    But does any one know if it’s any good and are there any places to get free stuff for it (models etc)?

    • AlaskaJoe says:

      Daz 3D is the name of the company that offers several good 3D programs.

      I use Bryce 6 which I got from them and Daz Studio is also fairly good.

      I believe that they also have Bryce 5.5 available for free now as well. I have been using Bryce since Bryce 3D when it was made by MetaCreations.

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